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At Oculus Connect 2, HoustonVR and EUVR invited VR Meetup organizers from around the world to come together to share ideas, troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm ways to better help each other. Many organizers attended and we much great information was shared. We’ve compiled Meeting Notes from this meeting in case they are of help to anyone.

Based on the meeting, we’re also providing the following resources:

  • A VR Meetup Organizers Subreddit has been created to facilitate communication and collaboration between VR Meetup Organizers. Everyone is welcome!subreddit
  • A VR Meetup Organizer Survey and a VR Meetup Attendee Survey have been created! Results will be shared with all who participate, so if you’d like to know more about what other VR Meetups are doing (and what is and is not working for them), please take a moment to fill it out. Also, if you’re interested in user feedback for your own meetup, send a link to the attendee survey to your members. (This can be done via “Group Tools -> Email Members” on Meetup.com.) We’ll provide you with the results.survey
  • A VR News-Feed Slide Resource is now available and being continuously updated. As it fills in, it will keep a rolling buffer of 45 days worth of VR and AR related news in a ready-to-present format. Slides are free for use in any VR Meetup or presentation. ExampleSlide
  • Any presentation or video that a Meetup is willing to share with others for their use, we’ll host it and link it. Current presentations include:


  • You Don’t Know Jack VR Trivia is funny, tests your VR knowledge, and only takes 10 minutes to play– which makes it a great ice-breaker at VR Meetups. We’ve collaborated with ThePasch to create the content, and are working to produce a new episode each month. Files and instructions for modifying YDKJ-2015 from the Jackbox Party Pack are hosted here!VRTrivia
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