Houston VR was started in April of 2014 as a small group of Virtual Reality developers and enthusiasts. We have now grown to over 1100 registered members across our various events! We hold multiple events throughout month to share knowledge, test hardware, and collaborate on projects. We also now welcome, and have showcased, Augmented Reality (AR) content as well.



Houston VR’s main meetup is open to the public and is held at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month at TX/RX Labs. We hold free demonstrations of the latest games, experiences, and technology from the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry. We regularly have both Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives, and Gear VRs at meetups as well as the occasional Playstation VR and Microsoft Hololens. We try and showcase the latest hardware releases as well.


We’ve expanded beyond our main meetup and now hold 4 meetups regularly each month. These include the HoustonVR Meetup, The Virtual Reality Developers Meetup, HoustonVR Coffeehouse Chats, and HoustonVR Gaming Meetup.


Information on upcoming meetings and other VR Events in Houston is available on our calendar here. Feel free to check out our meetup.com page to find out about past meetups and RSVP for an upcoming event.

Directions to TXRX Labs:

Address: 205 Roberts St, Houston, TX 77003