HoustonVR (Houston Virtual Reality) is a community focused organization that holds several FREE events a month covering various aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology.


We strive to inform the public about the wonders of this new medium and educate those interested in VR and AR to help them realize their vision.


Our community is one of the largest in the country and serves as a central hub in the Houston area for those interested in utilizing this burgeoning new platform in new and interesting ways.


We enjoy showcasing developer’s work as well as providing guidance wherever possible to help new developers break into the world of Immersive Technology.

HoustonVR Lab

The Lab

The HoustonVR Lab at Station is now closed. While it was a fun ride we have decided to shut down the lab. We appreciate all the support from our community that made this possible. Unfortunately the lab in it's current iteration was not serving the community the way we wanted.  We look forward to refocusing our energies and bringing something new that will match our vision.



We are excited at the opportunity to transform consumers into creators and give people a chance to bring their thoughts to life. We will soon be launching several development classes centered around VR and AR technology, programming, and art all with the central goal of teaching you to create your own content.

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HoustonVR is one of the longest running VR Meetup organizations. When we started in 2014 we held one monthly meetup. We now offer several monthly events including our original “Prime” meetup, our Sunday Coffeehouse Chats, and our Developer Meetups. We also occasionally host special events such as VR Gaming tournaments and social events. Check out our upcoming events below.

“This meetup was absolutely amazing! The Panel was a great mix of persons in the industry.”

— Roland, Meetup Member

“Great presentation. Wonderful community. Can't wait until the next one!”

— Josh, Meetup Member

“I had a lot of fun and experienced some great VR demos. I'll definitely be back!”

— D. Cryer, Meetup Member

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.